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This is one epic giant bean bag furniture collection, everyone would love to have a huge bean bag like these in their home. Every single teenager in the world would love to have one of these super cool bean bags. These are the best giant bean bag uk prices, we have some great deals on our sales page.

There is something here for all budgets, whatever style you require we have it. We have indoor and outdoor bean bags made from all kinds of different materials in many styles and colours.

All 6 epic giant bean bag chairs

We even have a giant bean bag bed for sale in store, many of them have free UK delivery too. We really do have the most diverse collection of huge bean bags that you have ever seen.

I do use these massive bean bags myself. I have one, my kids have one each and my partner has one. The thing is, when you have one, you have to buy another.

The bean bags in our house get used everyday without fail, even our cat loves to sleep on them. If you have not sat on a bean bag before you are missing out. Take a look at all the giant bean bag furniture below to find one that will be best suited to you and your family.

Although most of these bean bags are for kids to use too many of them are giant bean bag chairs for adults only, this is because some, like the fluffy and suede ones, are hard to clean and would not be great to have around young children.

Bean bag furniture that won’t disappoint

The bean bags below have received amazing reviews. They do what they say on the tin and for the price that you pay are very good quality.

First of all you need to decide what material you want your bean bag to be made out of. There are positives and negatives to each material, these are the ones we have available:

  • Faux leather
  • Real leather
  • Polyester
  • Corduroy
  • Faux suede
  • Faux fur

The corduroy, leather, suede and fur bean bags look very stylish, however the polyester bean bags are waterproof and can be used indoors and outdoors.

When you have decided on the material, you need to decide on the style of your giant bean bag. There are loads of different styles to choose from including:

  • Gaming Chairs
  • Loungers
  • Foot stools
  • Floor cushions
  • Sofas
  • Beds

Some of these bean bags are absolutely massive, they can easily seat up to 4 adults on them at the same time. We have loads of different funky colour combinations to choose from too.

Faux leather

Lets start off with the best faux leather bean bags. Faux leather bean bags are a cheaper alternative to real leather bean bags. Many of them are such good quality that you can’t even tell that it is faux leather.

This style of bean bag is very stylish indeed and will not look out of place in any modern living space. In fact, every modern living room should have a bean bag in there.

Black faux leather bean bag for 2This giant bean bag sofa is an absolute monster, as you can see it can seat 2 large adults on it at the same time. The bag needs a whopping 25 cubic feet of beans to fill it to the top.

The good news is that the beans come supplied with the bag. We have this huge bean bag available to buy in 3 colours; black, brown and cream. This epic bag would look great in any living room, everyone will be jealous of it.

Although it is made from faux leather it does actually look like the real thing. The bag is so big that you can actually lie down on the thing and use it as a bed. Click on the button to see the uk price of this giant bean bag.

You could See Priceeven use this huge bean bag as your main sofa in your living room. It’s a good cheap alternative for students and first time home owners. It is certainly cheaper than buying a leather sofa and in most cases a lot comfier.

Now it’s time for you to get your tapemeasure out. The bag measures 160 cm long, which is just over 62 inches. This thing is massive, it is 140 cm wide and is 40 cm off the ground. Make sure you do get the tape measure out, you have to make sure that you have enough room for it.

This is the biggest faux leather bean bag that you can buy in the UK, if youget this one you can be certain that no one has a bigger bag than you made from this material.

Is it going to be a good investment? Well I think so, it is going to get used everyday by all the family including your pets. If you are getting it in place of a sofa then you are saving money too.

If you go to the product sales page and take a look at the other pictures of the bag you will notice that it has reinforced seams, meaning it is going to last a long time. So, even if you have boisterous children in the house jumping on it all the time it is still going to last and not split with ease.

The faux leather is lovely and soft to touch and really comfy to sit on. You will watch TV on the bag, play games on the bag and even read your favourite book on the bag in complete comfort.

Okay, that’s what I have to say. What do our customers have to say about the bag. Just to make it clear, you do not have to buy any extra beans for the bag, you get the beans in with the price.

One customer states that the bag is a must have from gamers. It is well worth the cash and is easy to set up. All you have to do is pour the beans into the bag.

If you need extra seating in your front room or bedroom then this is an ideal purchase. You might think that the bag is a novelty item, but it is not. This is top quality furniture that you will definitely not be without.

Some people even state that they would have bought this giant bean bag instead of their sofa. A tip for filing this bean bag, don’t open the bag of beans, just put the bag of bean into the bean bag cover, job done. If you open the bag of beans you will have beans all over the floor.

Because the bag is so big you should fill it up in the room you intend to use it in, this is because it might be a bit cumbersome to move around if you are on your own.

This is the perfect bean bag for families, everyone in the house is going to use it. Mum and Dad will snuggle into it when the kids are in bed. The kids will use it as a gaming bag when they are in gaming mode, which is often.

Don’t worry about the price, believe me, it is worth it. You are not getting ripped off here, just read all the awesome customer reviews over on the product page. Under the more leather bean bags heading below you will see our most popular giant bean bag couch, it is massive, can be used as a sofa bed if you wish.

More faux leather giant bean bags:

Brown faux leather gaming bean bag Large black sofa bean bag made from faux leather Red faux leather bean bag with handle Brown faux leather extra large man size bean bag

Real leather

Now if you are looking for the ultimate in luxury then you have to go for a real leather bean bag. Yes, of course they are more expensive than the faux leather bean bags, but they do look very elegant and stylish.

If you have a posh living room and want to add a bit of class to it then you have to go for a real leather bean bag. They are worth the money. Is it worth paying more for real leather over faux leather? Well that is your personal opinion, if you have the budget for a real leather one then I would go for that option.

Brown bean bag made from real leatherThis is classed as an extra large bean bag, it is a giant bean bag chair for one person. As you can see it is not as big as the double size faux leather bean bag listed above.

It’s tape measure time again. This huge bean bag measures 86 cm long and 84 cm wide, and yes, it does come filled with beans ready to use. You do not have to buy any extra beans, unless you like your bean bags to be extra firm, then you might want to buy a top up pack.

I think you will agree that this is a rather posh giant bean bag. Being made in the uk from real leather means every single one of these bean bags is unique, because the leather patterns change.

Being a one seater the beaSee Pricen bag beans mould around you as you sink into the bag, that is, of course, if you don’t fill the bag up with too many beans. This means, as you sink into the back you get natural arm rests. The bag also provides really good back support, making it a great gaming and TV chair.

If you head on over to the product sales page to read the customer reviews, you will soon realise that these are the best real leather bean bags on the market. The leather used to make the bags is of the very best quality, you will not be disappointed if you buy this bean bag.

Everyone that visits your home is going to want to try out your luxury bean bag. It looks just so appealing, when you sink into it you realise why.

This is not just a bean bag, it is a piece of furniture that you are going to cherish. We have this particular bean bag available to buy in 2 colours, brown and tan.

If you really want the full monty, we have matching real leather foot stools for sale too. So what do our customer have to say about these top of the range bean bags.

The real leather is definitely worth the price, customers state that they are in fact very good value for money, yes the leather is that good. You are going to be impressed with the quality of the product.

More real leather bean bags:

Tan extra large real leather bean bag Luxury brown real leather gaming bean bag Giant black real leather gaming bean bag Extra large black real leather adult size bean bag

Polyester Outdoor

Now these are the most practical giant bean bags that you can buy. This is because they are waterproof, they are good for indoor and outdoor use.

I would say that they are the best bean bags for children. This is because the material is super strong and durable and is very easy to keep clean.

Orange waterproof bean bag made from polyesterNow these massive bean bags are awesome, there are plenty of different versions of them available by different uk suppliers. They all differ in price, the one in the picture is called the Bazaar Bag. This is our most popular one, they come in 12 funky colours.

Here we go for the tape measure again, this giant bag floor cushion measures a whopping 180 cm long, which is 6 foot. This means you can definitely seat 2 large adults on it at the same time.

The bean bag measures 140 cm wide, which is very nearly 5 foot. The great thing about these bean bags is that you can use them in loads of different positions.

You can lie the bSee Priceag flat to use it as a giant floor cushion, or lie it on its side and straddle it. You can even just jump into the middle of it and mould a comfy chair out of it. They are so large that you could even use it as a giant bean bag bed, yes, they are comfortable enough to sleep on.

This is the biggest giant indoor outdoor bean bag that you will come across. Not only is it completely waterproof, it is safe and fire retardant too. It is recommended that you keep the bag inside when you are not using it.

We have two of these for our kids to use, they chose to get them in black, you can be a little bolder and go for one of the brighter colours like pink, orange or red if you want to.

The bags themselves, as you can see are very cool, my boys are the envy of all their friends when they come over for gaming sessions. I even prefer to sit on the bean bag in front of the TV rather than use our sofa.

Do not worry if you think that this huge bean bag will be too big for your children, they come in kids sizes too. Just head on over to our kids department to check them out.

The leather, corduroy, fur and suede bean bags are more suited to the living room. These bean bags are better for use in the bedroom and outside. To see some giant bean bag outdoor pictures just click on the price button, it is one of the best giant garden bean bags out there.

If you are looking for the best all round bean bag then this is it. The seams are doubled stitched for extra strength, my kids jump onto them off the sofa, they are very strong and will hold up to anything kids can throw at them.

You can use this bean bag as a TV and gaming chair and then can just whip it outside and use it as a sun lounger or giant floor cushion in the garden. I should also point out that the bags are lightweight and easy to carry around.

Yes, these bean bags do come filled for you, however, if you want it to be firm you will need to purchase a top up bean bag replacement pack. I would order the bean bag and give it a try before you buy a top up bag, the bags are more flexible with less beans in them and easier to shape.

As a family we give these bean bags 5 out of 5 stars, but what do our customers say about them. These bean bags are just perfect for all the family and are great for kids to use.

I am sure you will, as we do, consider these giant bean bags to be a great buy. There is one problem, when you buy one you are going to have to buy another one. Everyone in our house wants to use these bean bags and we only have two.

This is without doubt the best bean bag you can buy of this size for the price, there are other more expensive alternatives out there but are not any better in quality or any bigger.

If you want to buy a bean bag for a big person, wide or tall, this is it. Customers that know what they are talking about when it comes to sewing have stated that these bags are really very well made. To get giant bean bags cheap you are best going for a polyester one, they are the most versatile too and will therefore be used the most indoors and outdoors.

We have the cheapest giant outdoor bean bags uk prices, head on over to our sales page to check them out. Just imagine how cool this bean bag would look down the beach.

More polyester waterproof bean bags:

Giant purple polyester outdoor bean bag Lime green outdoor bean bag Blue and yellow giant bean bag floor cushion Large red reclining gaming bean bag indoor/outdoor use


Now corduroy bean bags are surprisingly rather popular. This is because the material is just so smooth and soft to touch, unlike the polyester bean bags.

I would not recommend a corduroy giant bean bag for a house with young children in, any chocolate that gets smudged on it will be rather difficult to remove, and will not look good on the lighter shades of fabrics.

Extra large adult size neutral corduroy bean bagThe bean bag in the picture is a microplush cord panelled extra large chair, it measures 82 cm by 86 cm, as you can see it is big enough for even large adults to sit on in absolute comfort.

This huge bean bag is luxurious to sit in, the cord is ever so soft and is great to snuggle into in front of the fire on a uk winters night. Obviously they are good to use indoors all year round.

This is not the biggest corduroy bean bag we have available, we have a giant one that measures a huge 1.5 meters in diameter, which can actually easily fit 2 large adults on. You can see this big bean bag below, as you would expect, it is quite a lot more expensive than the smaller version here.

We sell this See Pricebean bag in two colours, natural, which is the one in the picture, and taupe. We also have a matching footstool for the bean bag, this is sold separately.

Makes a great gaming bean bag and TV chair, perfect fit for any modern style living space or bedroom. This is one for the adults, it’s a rather classy piece of furniture that I am sure you will love.

If you use the bag filled with beans as supplied it will provide good arm and back support as you sink into it. You can add some extra beans if you wish to firm it up and just perch on the top without arm supports.

Just like all our large bean bags this one is no different, the bag has reinforced seams and is sure to stand the test of time. I should point out that the cover is not machine washable, you can only clean the cord with a soft damp cloth. I would not recommend getting one of these with young children in the house.

I have to say, this giant bean bag is superb quality, just take a look at what our customers have had to say about it. This is why it has a 5 out of 5 star rating.

So what do our customers say about this bag. Well, the reviews are short, sweet and to the point. This is one lovely bean bag that is sure to look great in any home that it goes into. If you choose a pillow style corduroy sack it can be used as a giant bean bag bed uk prices can be seen by clicking on the image below.

More corduroy bean bags:

Soft giant floor cushion corduroy bean bag Huge brown giant corduroy bean bag floor cushion Extra large teal corduroy bean bag cushion Steel jumbo corduroy bean bag chair

Faux suede

If you are wanting a super smooth to touch bean bag then you have to go for one made from suede. As you would expect, this material is not machine washable and is wipe clean only.

Still a great addition to any living room or bedroom, although it might not be suited to households with younger children in them. Kids can use them, just make sure that they do not eat or drink while sat on it. If you want a giant bean bag for this you should choose a polyester bean bag.

Huge faux suede chocolate bean bagThese suede bean bags are not as popular as the polyester and leather ones, probably because bean bags are mostly associated with teenagers and the twenty some things. Anyway, that aside, these really do make a good addition to any room, it looks stylish, and above all else is very comfortable.

The faux suede bean bag in the picture is classed as an extra large bean bag. It is now time to get your measuring stick out again, well you have to make sure you have room for the bean bag.

This giant bean bag measures a huge 1 meter in diameter, you can take a look at all the statistics over on the product page. The bag has an almost velvet to touch finish, looks very stylish and inviting.

These bean bSee Priceags are for large adults, even the largest people will be able to get comfortable on these bean bags. We have this particular bag available to buy in two colours; fudge and chocolate.

If you are looking for some stylish extra seating for your living room with a twist, that is a little bit different, then this is a very good option. In fact, it is a brilliant option, yes some of these other modern chairs look stylish, but are they as comfy as these bean bags, I don’t think so. These bean bags have style and comfort, you can’t go wrong.

The bags come filled with beans ready to use and are certainly going to be your new favourite place to sit in your house. These bean bags are easy to move too, just in case you want to move it from room to room.

As with all our bean bags, it is very well made in the uk and will certainly last you a very long time. So what do our customers have to say about these lovely bean bags.

Again, this is a 5 out of 5 star rated huge bean bag. It seems that a lot of men buy bean bags without having full consent from their wife, the wife always makes a u-turn when they see how stylish and feel how comfortable they are to sit on.

This in mind, they do make a rather different present for the wife. It is something that they would not expect, yet always love after they use it.

More faux suede bean bags:

Huge brown faux suede bean bag Extra large high back cream faux suede gaming bean bag Extra extra large fudge faux bean bag chair Big brown faux suede gaming bean bag

Faux fur

Now, if you are looking for a giant fluffy bean bag, then faux fur is the way to go. Not really suited for young children, you do not want sticky fingers all over this bean bag.

Faux fur bean bags are surface clean only, get some chewing gum or chocolate stuck on it and it could be very difficult to get out without ruining the bean bag.

Brown faux fur fluffy bean bagThis is our most popular faux fur bean bag. It measures a massive 86 cm wide, which is around 33 inches. Yes, this giant fluffy bean bag is big enough to seat even large adults on.

These bean bags are just brilliant for the uk winter, they surprisingly keep you snug and warm, the bean and fur surround your body as you sink into the bag, retaining your body heat, keeping you lovely and warm.

You are going to spend plenty of lovely cold winter nights snuggled up on your furry bean bag in front of the fire with your favourite book and a glass of wine.

The quality of the fur is actually very good, it feels lovely and soft to touch and goes with out saying that it is very comfortable to sit on. We also have a matching fur bean bag foot stool in stoSee Pricere to buy separately.

I should point out that the bean bag will shed some fur when you first get it, do not be alarmed. All fur bean bags do this at first, it is minimal and will not affect the style and look of the bag.

The giant fluffy bean bag does come filled with beans ready to use, which are safely and securely stored inside and will never come out. So what do our customers say about these bean bags.

It’s not quite a 5 out of 5 star bean bag, this particular bean bag has a 4.7 out of 5 star rating, which is still very good. Some customer reviews state that they would definitely buy another one, they are great for use as extra seating for when guests come over.

The quality of this huge bean bag is high, however they get marked down for not being filled with enough beans, meaning the bag takes a deflated doughnut shape after prolonged use.

There is a simple and easy solution to this, buy one of our refill bags, just pour it in and your bean bag is full of life again. Our bean bag refill packs are not very expensive at all.

Some people even buy these huge bean bags as a fill gap while they are waiting for their new sofa to arrive, then they realise that these giant bean bags are actually comfier, more stylish and in most cases a whole lot cheaper.

You will think that it is good value for money, be sure to get your tape measure out so that you are certain at just how big the giant fluffy bean bag is. Some people find the pictures deceiving and think that the bag is either bigger than it really is, or in other cases think it is smaller than it really is and don’t have enough room for it.

More faux fur bean bags:

Giant white designer faux fur bean bag Huge leopard print faux fur bean bag Funky very furry black faux fur bean bag Zebra print extra large faux fur bean bag chair

Sofa Couch

Black faux leather giant bean bag sofa couchWe have a huge selection of giant bean bag sofa beds in store made from all kinds of materials including leather and corduroy.

The giant bean bag sofa featured in the picture is made from faux leather and is available to buy in five different colours.

It is made from the very best faux leather material, even on close inspection you would think that it is real leather.

The giant bean bag couch has two zips sewn into the underside of the seat to ensure that it is impossible for any of the bean filler to escape.

See PriceThis kind of giant bean bag furniture really does make a good cheap alternative to buying an expensive sofa set.

You could even use this piece as a giant bean bag sofa bed because it is just so big, it requires a whopping 16 cubic feet of beans to fill it to the top, which of course are supplied.

The reviews on these bean bags are great, they reveal that this huge bean bag is stunning in looks and is very comfortable too.

Some customers state that the couch might need some more filling, if you like a firm seat check out our bean bag bean refill packs for this.

Chair Lounger

White faux leather giant bean bag chair loungerYou can get a giant bean bag chair lounger like this made in all kinds of materials and colours, the one shown here is made from faux leather.

As you can see, this giant bean bag seat is absolutely stunning and will certainly be an important piece of furniture in your house.

As you sink into the oversized bean bag lounger the beans surround your body leaving you in complete luxury, even large adults can get comfortable on these.

The giant bean bag chair uk prices vary slightly from store to store, every now and again we have this chair on sale at a very competitive price.

See PriceThese chairs have been designed for ultimate comfort and to last a very long time, you will certainly consider it money very well spent.

The customer reviews reveal that these bean bags come really well filled with beans to ensure that the seat provides good back and neck support.

Just in case you were thinking, yes it does make a really good gaming seat. Being available to buy in 7 different colours, including pink, black, red, blue, white, cream and brown, you are sure to find one that you like.

If you buy this seat you are certain to use it everyday without fail, if you have kids and pets then you are going to have to fight them for it.

Cushion Pillow

Black corduroy giant bean bag floor cushion pillowOkay, you could use this massive oversized sack as a giant bean bag floor cushion or giant bean bag pillow, it measures a huge 110 cm in diameter.

This huge bean bag is made from corduroy, which I can tell you now, is really lovely and soft to touch, great for snuggling into.

If you have a kids or even an adults games room, don’t you think a massive giant bean bag cushion like this would finish it off nicely.

All kids and teenagers would certainly love to have one of these in their bedroom, it is even a great piece of furniture for the living room.

See PriceThis is certainly a bean bag for 2 that’s for sure, in fact you can fit more than 2 adults on it at the same time.

You can shape the bean filling to find your perfect seating position, therefore it will also make a good gaming chair.

If you need extra seating in your living room or bedroom then this piece is an excellent choice, it’s very well made too so is sure to last.

Get into our sales department to check for a cheap price on this bean bag, it is often on sale for under £100.


Waterproof outdoor giant bean bag coverSo you already have the bean filling and you just require a giant bean bag cover. We have loads of these in store too.

You can actually save a lot of money if you already have the bean filling, a giant outdoor bean bag cover like this one is for sale under £40.

This is actually a giant 6ft bean bag cover which is big enough to seat 2 adults on it at the same time, so is very reasonably priced.

This cover is made from polyester, although we have bea
n bag covers made from all materials and styles.

See PriceSo, you buy the cover, now you need to get the bean filler inside. This can be a messy job. It is easy to get the beans into the cover, just make sure you do it outdoors to be on the safe side.

So how much beans do you need to fill up a giant bean bag? Well, you can do a simple formula Length x Width x Height. Then divide the result of this formula by 1728 if working in inches or by 28317 if working in cm.

This means that a giant bean bag cover like the one shown here would need 40 cubic feet of filling to completely fill it to the top. Of course we do not want it full to the top, anywhere between 20 and 30 cubic feet of beans would be ideal depending on how firm you require your bag.

So if you have an old bean bag that needs replacing and you already have the beans inside that, save yourself some money, just buy a cover and then simply transfer the beans.


Giant bean bag turns into a bedThis giant bean bag bed uk price is not cheap, they are around 400 pounds to buy. The good news is that we do have a giant bean bag bed cheap.

To get a cheaper alternative to this one you will have to take a look at the giant bean bag sofa bed that we have in store.

So why is this bean bag so expensive? The giant bean bag turns into bed and it is massive of course, the sack has two beds inside.

You can transform the huge bean bag into a bed in just seconds and are just perfect to have at home for when unexpected guests come over to stay.

See PriceThese bean bags are also more expensive because the giant bean bag has memory foam filling and not beans, so considering how much a memory foam mattress costs it’s not that bad.

So what is the availability of giant bean bags like these? They are available to buy in at least 10 colours and can be delivered to your home in just four days.

So if you want a giant bean bag bed with blanket and pillow you could use the outer cover that surrounds the beds as a pillow or blanket.

The outer cover is machine washable and the beds are to uk standard size. The foam filling makes them an absolute dream to sleep on, if you have the money for one, then why not, it will certainly come in rather useful at home.


X rocker giant bean bag gaming chairThis is the x rocker giant bean bag gaming chair, which as you can see is for large adults to use. It is definitely man size that’s for sure.

The bean bag is very stylish made from top quality black faux leather, it is hard wearing and easy to keep clean.

So why is the x rocker giant gaming bean bag perfect for gaming? Well take a look at it, the chair has a very wide bass and a very long back support area.

This will ensure you can game for hours and hours in absolute comfort. You see the wide bass ensures your lower back is well supported, the high back rest ensures your neck is supported.

See PriceThe giant bean bag reviews reveal that these chairs are comfortable for even bigger gamers. If you are over 6ft tall and are a heavy adult over 20 stones do not worry, you will love this bean bag chair.

The only one little negative for large adults using these bean bags is that they can be hard to get out of when you have been gaming in them for a while, this is because they are so low down to the floor.

These bean bags are really very well made and are also lightweight making them easy to move from room to room in the home, what other furniture in the home is as versatile as a bean bag.

I should tell you the measurements to make sure you have enough room for it, the bean bag measures 1 m tall and 90 cm wide. There is also a smaller kids version available in store.


The top three baby bean bags in the uk are called the Doomoo, Bambeano and the Gaga. They are all very different and good in their own right. The Doomoo is the most expensive being almost double the price of the other two.

The Gaga baby bean bag does not transform into a toddler chair, however it does come in a large range of different colours and themed designs, a lot more than any other branded bean bag.

Bambeano baby bean bag chairWithout doubt the Bambeano baby bean bag chair is the most popular, it’s not the cheapest however. It’s a mid range priced bag selling for around the 40 to 50 pounds mark.

So what makes this bean bag just so popular? Well, the main reason is it’s not as expensive as the Doomoo yet has all the same great features for half the price.

The Bambeano has a safety harness to stop your baby rolling off the bag. It also comes with a free toddler bean bag chair cover, which extends the life of your chair.

The Gaga does not have a function to transform the baby chair into a toddler chair like the Bambeano or the Doomoo, hence it not being as sort after.

See PriceYour baby can use one of these bean bags from birth up until they start to try and roll onto their side, which will be about 7 or 8 weeks of age.

They are suitable for newborn babies to use, however, do not let your baby sleep on the bean bag all night, they are not designed for this purpose. They are just for short naps during the day where they can be supervised using the bag at all times.

It’s also good to know that these bean bags can help your baby if they suffer from reflux or colic, they can even prevent flat head syndrome from occurring, which happens from laying your baby on a hard surface too often.

A baby bean bag like these ones will give you a safe place to leave your baby while you get on with some house work, never put your baby in the bean bag and put it on a table.

These bean bags are actually quite lightweight and are super easy to carry and move around. They are great for people that travel a lot or go camping quite often.

We do have cheaper non branded versions of the branded baby bean bags, some are for sale under 30 pounds and the quality is pretty good. The only down side is that the material used is not as good quality, but for the price they are a real bargain.

The customer reviews for the Bambeano are impressive, some say that they are a real life saver for parents that have babies that suffer from reflux.

You can shape the bags so that your baby is slightly raised and can see the whole world around them, or simple push all the beans down and have them laying completely flat.

More baby bean bags:

Doomoo baby bean bag Gaga baby bean bag chair Red Circles baby beanbag Baby bean bag bouncer

See the bean bags in action

The video shows four of these giant bean bags in use. I have also included a small clip showing you a tutorial on just how easy it is to fill one of these bean bags up with extra beans should you ever need to do so.

All the rest

Are you crazy? seriously, if you haven’t found a giant bean bag that you like out of the epic collection above then we do have more, but the ones above are pretty good.

Take a look around the rest of our uk site, we have so many cool bean bags to choose from that we can’t list them all here. This is just the start, anyway, here are a few more to keep you going.

Blue waterproof bean bag perfect for use in the garden Black faux leather man size gaming bean bag Yellow reclining indoor/outdoor gaming garden bean bag Massive waterproof lounger bean bag

We don’t just do huge bean bags, we even have a great selection of baby bean bag chairs to choose from. If you have a baby that has trouble sleeping, stick it on a bean bag, it will sleep like a baby LOL.

This is just the start, we have so many more giant bean bag chairs, sofas, loungers, floor cushions, pillows and beds in stock in lots of different colour variations to the ones on show here. Make sure you check out the entire giant bean bag store, happy bean bag hunting.

If you already have a huge bean bag refill or filling then you can save money by just buying a giant bean bag cover, you will save some money this way if you already have the beans. Be sure to take care when putting the beans into your new cover.