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Cheap baby bean bag coverThe cheapest way to get yourself a baby bean bag would be to buy a baby bean bag cover with no filling.

A bean bag like this with no filling start at just £12.50, now you just need to buy the bean bag filling. So how many beans does it take to fill a baby bean bag?

It takes just 6 cubic feet of beans to refill a baby bean bag. To buy a 6 cubic feet bean bag refill it will cost you just £8.45.

This means that you can get yourself a baby bean bag cheap well under 30 pounds. In fact buying the cover and filling separately you can make a massive saving.

This means you can get a bean bag for a baby with filling for just £20.95. You are not going to get a baby bean bag cheaper than this anywhere.

The baby bean bag cover shown in the photo comes in blue, green and pink. Yes, this is an un-branded baby bean bag, but this is why it is so cheap.

It is very easy to fill the bean bag with beans. All you need to do is unzip it and pour the bean filling in there.

See price.

Baby bean bag refill beansThese cheap baby bean bags are safe to use, they are double zipping to ensure that it is almost impossible for a baby to get to the beans inside.
The beauty of these bean bags is that they function just like the expensive Doomoo baby bean bags.

The bean bag comes with two covers, one has the adjustable safety harness attached, the other does not and comes plain.

This is so that the bean bag can transform into a toddler chair just like the Doomoo. All you have to do is change the tops over.

So if you only have around £20 to spend to get yourself a baby bean bag your best bet is to purchase a baby bean bag and the filling separately.

If you already have some filling then you are onto a winner, all you need to do is buy the bean bag for babies cover alone for just £12.50, this is a great deal.

See bean bag filler price.

Best all in one deal

Buying the bean bag chair cover and bean filling separately is the cheapest way to get yourself a bean bag for your baby.

The best deal for the filling and baby bean bag purchased together is this one at just £29.99. It is still under 30 pounds, and does look a little more appealing than the cheap versions above.

This bean bag for babies is a number one best seller in the uk, it is cheap, looks great and has received many amazing customer reviews.

Cheapest all in one baby bean bagAlthough the cover is not machine washable like the Bambeano and the Gaga, it is covered with a waterproof PVC coating to ensure all spills just wipe away with ease.

These cheap baby bean bags too act just like the expensive Doomoo. The bag comes with two tops, one with a three point adjustable safety harness, and the other without.

To change your bean bag for babies into a toddler bean bag you simply switch the top areas over with ease.

To access the filling on this bean bag you use a zip, in the interest of safety the tag used to un zip the bag has been removed. This is to ensure your baby can never access the bean filling.

You can access the bean bag filling by attaching a paper clip to the zip, of course this comes supplied for your convenience.

These are cheaper than all other branded baby bean bags and so the reviews echo this, many state that they are well worth the money.

This bean bag does help with reflux and just look how expensive the Doomoo is compared to this baby bean bag, definitely worth taking a look at the reviews. This baby bean bag is an absolute bargain at this price.

See price.

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Below I have reviewed every baby bean bag chair available to buy in the uk that is worth reviewing. Each bean bag review will help you decide which one is right for you and your baby.

Baby bean bag chair collection

I will cover all the important questions that you will need answers to like:

  • Baby bean bag safety; what age or weight a baby can use them from and to.
  • Are they okay for newborn babies to use
  • Are they suitable to sleep on all night
  • Which ones are the best value
  • Can they help with reflux or colic
  • What value can they add to you
  • What are the top brands available
  • How many beans does it take to fill one of these bean bags

Baby Bean Bag Safety

So are bean bags for babies safe to use? Like anything, if you are aware of the dangers and know how to use them correctly you will not have any safety concerns. Read through the furniture and furnishings uk safety regulations for more information.

There are a few things that you should be aware of to keep your baby safe when using their new bean bag. This is what you need to know:

1. Are they suitable for newborn babies and what age can use them to?

Yes, each and every bean bag chair for babies listed below can be used from birth. The major thing to be aware of here is that you stop your baby from using the bean bag the moment that they start to try and turn onto their side. When a baby can wriggle they are at danger of tipping the bean bag over onto themselves. Baby bean bags are suitable for babies to use up until 6 months of age, make sure you stop your baby using it as soon as they start to wriggle, which will be around 6 or 7 weeks after birth.

2. Are they suitable to sleep on through the night?

Definitely not. These bean bags have been designed for short naps only, you should not let your baby sleep on the bag all night. This is very dangerous, so do not do it.

3. What dangers do you need to be aware of?

I have read an article stating that a 13 year old boy and a 3 year old girl were found dead inside bean bag chairs, you can read this article here.

Basically what happened was that bean bags, including the baby ones featured here have a zipped area compartment that stores the beans inside. The children got into this area and suffocated. Obviously a baby would not be able to unzip the zipper and crawl inside this area, I have just mentioned it for you to be aware of this danger so that you do not leave the bag around for when your child gets older and is at an age where they can open the zipper and get inside.

You also need to be aware of the fact that the beans inside the bean bag can be a danger to your baby, make sure the beans are zipped away safe and sound. If a baby swallows them it is possible that they may choke. Just make sure your bean bag has lockable zippers and is very well made and unlikely to split open and spill its beans.

Our advice is to have your baby bean bag firm with lots of beans inside. This is because bean bags surround your person when you sink into them and could well cause suffocation. Make sure you read each baby bean bag review carefully before you purchase.

Just make sure you buy a quality bean bag that is very well made, the ones we have listed below come highly regarded and will be safe for your baby to use if you follow the safety rules above.

Also, make sure that the bean bag you buy has a safety harness, you do not want your baby to be able to roll off the bean bag. All of the bags listed below feature a secure harness.

You should always use the bean bags on the floor. Never put a baby bean bag on the table or counter top with your baby in it, this could be very dangerous.


On a positive note, baby bean bags can add a lot of value to your life and be super useful for a busy parent. For instance, a bean bag for babies can actually help a baby get to sleep that suffers from reflux and colic.

They provide a safe and secure place for your baby to sit so that you can get on with some much needed tasks around the home, like doing the washing up or hoovering. Just make sure that you can always see your baby in the bean bag.

Baby bean bags are portable, great for taking with you when you go to friends houses or even go camping. You can take the bean bag with you so your baby has a nice comfy chair wherever you go.

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Top baby bean bag brands

The top brands (in no particular order) in baby bean bags are:

  • Doomoo
  • Gaga
  • Bambeano

Read through our baby bean bag review section below to help you decide which brand is the right one for you and your baby.

Doomoo baby bean bag chair in pinkDoomoo bean bag for babies can be used from birth and used as explained earlier, until the baby can wriggle or weighs around 30 kg. This bean bag does have a safety harness, which is removable. This is so that your child can use the bean bag as a seat when they get older.

The cover is removable and machine washable, making it very easy to keep clean. The bean bag can actually be used flat or slightly raised, perfect for use as a feeding chair and for babies that suffer from reflux.

With this bean bag you get two top layers which can be zipped on and off. One top layer contains the safety harness and the other does not.

See PriceMore and more babies are suffering from flat head (Plagiocephaly), which comes from being laid flat on a hard surface for long periods, putting your baby on a soft bean bag can and will help prevent this from happening to your baby.

The manufacturers state that these bean bags can be used up until your child is eight years old. Just remove the harness top layer and the bean bag transforms into a comfy toddler bean bag chair.

The Doomoo bean bag is considered to be one of the best on the market for value for money.Because they are considered to be very safe they are well worth the money.

These bean bags are very comfortable and are considered to be durable, being easy to manipulate the beans into any position that you want, making it easy for your baby to get comfy on them.

These are not the cheapest on the market and are in most cases double the price of the Gaga and the Bambeano bean bags. This is why they are not as popular as the other two bags, they do not offer anything better than them and are not exceedingly superior in quality.

  • Removable cover: yes
  • Removable straps: yes
  • Adjustable safety harness: yes
  • Machine washable: yes
  • Safety zips: yes
  • Can be used as a toddler bean bag: yes

View all Doomoo baby bean bags

Navy blue Gaga baby bean bag chairGaga baby bean bag chair is available to buy in ten different colours in the style shown in the picture and loads of other different styles and funky patterns. These bean bags are very popular in the uk and come very highly regarded by many parents that have used them.

They are slightly more popular than the Doomoo bean bags and come fitted with an adjustable safety harness. Each and every bean bag chair for babies comes filled with beans ready to use, you do not have to purchase them separately.

You can use the bean bag from birth up to six months old or until they weigh around 8 kg, or start to wiggle and are able to turn the bean bag over.

See PriceThese bean bags are very safe, the bean compartment is triple zipped and really hard for a youngster to get into. Also, it has been really well put together with all seams being double stitched, it is highly unlikely that it will split open. They have also used very strong thread to stitch it up, safety has been the number one issue with the making of these popular baby bean bags.

As you can see, these bean bag chairs for babies are rather stylish too. The fabric used to make the bag is lovely and soft too, your baby is going to be very comfortable on this chair.

These bags are nearly half the price of the Doomoo bean bags, which is the main reason they are a lot more popular. There is one noticeable reason why they are cheaper, the fabric is not as good quality and the harness is not as good. But there has to be some allowances for such a considerably cheaper bean bag.

The major difference is that the cover is not removable, this makes keeping it clean somewhat a little bit more difficult. A baby bean bag is going to get dirty, especially if you use it as a feeding chair, I think a removable and machine washable cover is a must have requirement in a baby bean bag.

The Gaga bean bag is not as big as the Doomoo bean bag either, in fact it is quite a lot smaller in length. When your baby gets to around 7 or 8 weeks old it will be too big to use it.

This bean bag can not be used after your baby reaches 8 weeks old unlike the Doomoo and the Bambeano bean bags, you can use the other brands as toddler bean bags, until your child is around 5 years old.

Although it is cheaper, a lot cheaper than the Doomoo, the cover is not removable and neither are the straps. It can’t be used after your baby reaches around 8 weeks old. Still many people love these bean bags, however we think that the Doomoo and the Bambeano baby bean bags are better value for money and are better quality too.

  • Removable cover: no
  • Removable straps: no
  • Adjustable safety harness: yes
  • Machine washable: no (wipe clean only)
  • Safety zips: yes
  • Can be used as a toddler bean bag: no

View all Gaga baby bean bags

Natural Bambeano baby bean bagBambeano baby bean bag chair is by far the most popular bean bag for babies in the uk today. It is only slightly more expensive than the Gaga and a whole lot cheaper than the Doomoo, yet has all the same useful features and more.

The Bambeano uses a breathable cotton fabric, the Gaga uses a cheap feeling fleece style fabric which could make your baby get too hot, particularly in the summer.

The cover on the Bambeano baby bean seat is removable and is also machine washable. The manufacturers state that the bean bag can be used until your baby is around 6 months old, or as we state, until they start to wriggle a lot. The bag is slightly wider and is longer than the Gaga, so in our opinion is a bit more secure and less likely to tip over.

See PriceThe major bonus with these babies bean bags is that you get a free toddler bean bag chair cover in with the price. This means that your child can use the bean bag until they are around 4 years old. All you have to do is transfer the beans from the bean bag cover into the toddler cover, and hey presto, you have a toddler bean bag for your child to use.

This bean bag seat has an adjustable safety harness that is super secure. The bean bag seats your baby in a semi-upright position, great for babies that suffer from colic. Also, with your baby sat in this position they can see what is going on around them.

The bean bag has a secure inner liner that hold the beans, it is very well made and highly unlikely to split open. These bags are available to buy in three different colours, natural (the one in the picture above), pink and baby blue.

If your baby has trouble sleeping then it is well worth giving a bean bag for your baby a try, many parents swear by them. All bean bags for babies do have a short lifespan, because they can only be used until your baby can flip onto their side. What makes this one so popular is the fact that it comes with a free toddler bean bag cover, which extends its life. The fact that it is a whole lot cheaper than the Doomoo helps too.

So if you want a safe place to put your baby so that you can get on with some chores around the home take a look at a baby bean bag. Just remember, you have to supervise your baby in the bean bag at all times for ultimate safety.

The Bambeano bean bag reviews are good, you can read them over on our product page. The Bambeano baby bean bag support chair natural is the most popular and has the most customer reviews.

If you want to top up your bean bag or even completely refill it you will need to know that it will take 6 cubic feet of beans to completely refill the bag. So to top up a bean bag you will be okay to buy a 3 cubic feet bean refill pack. If you want a customer baby bean bag review head on over to the sales page.

  • Removable cover: yes
  • Removable straps: no
  • Adjustable safety harness: yes
  • Machine washable: yes
  • Safety zips: yes
  • Can be used as a toddler bean bag: yes

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Which one is our best?

For value, ease of use and overall best quality we have put each baby bean chair in order (top of the list is the best):

  1. Bambeano
  2. Doomoo
  3. Gaga

The Bambeano bean bag chair come out on top and is heaps ahead of the other two bean bags, here is why. The Bambeano beats the Doomoo on price, it is just as good in quality and style and has all the same great features yet is a whole load cheaper.

The Gaga is last on the list because it does not have a removable cover or straps and is wipe clean only, you really do need a bean bag for babies that is going to be machine washable. Also the other two bean bags have features that enable the bag to be used when your child gets older, the Gaga bean bag can only be used when your child is a baby up to about 8 and 9 weeks old.

There are some cheaper alternatives on the uk market with huge discounts starting at around 30 pounds, although if you do compromise on price then you will also compromise on safety. The bean bags featured here are manufactured by major brands and have all been safety tested, other cheaper alternative may not have been.

Take a look at the bean bags in use

The final thing that you need to do to help you decide which is the right baby bean bag chair for you and your child is to see it in use. Watch the video below, it shows babies using all three bean bags featured above.

View all baby bean bags

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