Bean bag cushion

If you are looking for a bean bag cushion then below are some of the very best that you can buy. These bean bags come highly rated having received good customer comments.

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Kids bean bag that can be used as a giant floor cushion

Massive kids bean bag cushionThis is by far the best bean bag cushion that you can buy for children, I mean just look how awesome it is.

These ones are huge too measuring a whopping 120 x 100cm.

This bag is just perfect for kids bedrooms, they can lay it flat and use it as a massive floor cushion in front of the TV or stand it on its end and use it as a comfy reading chair.

The bean bag can be used outside too because it is made from a hard wearing water and stain resistant material, kids love these and use them all the time for all sorts of things.

These are just dead handy to have, if your children have their friends over to stay they are good for use as extra seating and are even comfortable enough to sleep on.

Price: £30.99More pictures and customer reviews

Bean bag cushion big enough for 2 adults to sit on

Adult size bean bag cushionYou can use this rather cool bean bag as a huge floor cushion, it measures 6 feet across and as you can see can easily seat 2 adults on it.

Not only do you get the cover you get the lovely soft bean included in the price too, you will not regret buying this one, it is awesome.

The bag is made from a waterproof material making it great for indoor and outdoor use and you will find it so useful to have around.

You will use it for watching TV on, gaming on, sunbathing on in the garden, these are even comfy enough and big enough to sleep on.

Just imagine getting in from a hard day at work or college and jumping on this bad boy in front of the TV to watch your favourite film, there is no better way to relax and unwind than this.

Price: £57.99Read the reviews on this huge bean bag cushion

Massive waterproof bean bag that makes a great floor cushion

Waterproof bean bag cushionThis is another giant bean bag cushion that is made from waterproof fabric, this is the cheapest that you can buy at this size.

Just like the others the bag comes ready filled with bean and is really well made.

Kids, adults and even your pets are going to use this bean bag, it is sure to get used everyday.

Just lay the cushion out in front of the TV and watch your favourite film or TV programme, I have been told kids love jumping onto them off the sofa, so much fun.

This particular one has received great reviews with customers stating that it is very strong and versatile and can transform into loads of different shapes, you are certainly going to be able to get comfortable on it.

Price: £49.99More pictures and customer reviews

Small bean bag cushion

Small bean bag cushionThis is a small bean bag cushion measuring 60 x 60cm with a height of 20cm, it requires 20 cubic feet of bean to fill it to the top, which is included in the price.

The bag is made from a waterproof material so is ideal for use in the garden and is available to buy in 10 funky colours.

These are just perfect for all you avid gardeners out there, no more aching knees, just pop this underneath them while you work.

These ones come in handy if you have an old sofa that is not very comfy any more and really should be replaced but you can’t afford to, just pop this on top and your problem is solved, a comfy sofa again.

Customers state that they are extremely comfortable and are very versatile, all the family will enjoy using it, you will probably end up buying more than one.

Price: £24.97Use this bean bag as a comfy cushion to improve your sofa