Brown bean bag

We have a great selection of brown bean bags to choose from. You can read reviews on each brown bean bag over at Amazon and Argos if you want to.

Brown faux leather gaming bean bag

Brown bean bag made from faux leatherThis is by far our best selling brown bean bag and you can see why, it is huge and has received excellent reviews.

The brown beanbag is made from super soft luxury brown faux leather and requires a massive 1m square of floor space.

These bad boys are perfect for gaming on because they provide good back and neck support so you can now game for even longer without experiencing bad back ache afterwards.

If you are not a gamer then you can also use it as a comfy TV or reading chair and they are super stylish so is sure to look good in your living room or bedroom.

They are really well made and are very strong so are perfect for teenagers to use, they are stitched with over locked and overstitched seams so they are sure to last a long time.

They have a high product rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars and customers state that they are great value for money and make great birthday or Christmas gifts.

Price: £39.99. More pictures and customer reviews

Waterproof brown bean bag for use outdoors

Waterproof brown bean bagThis is one huge brown bean bag, it measures a whopping 180 x 140cm that’s 6ft long.

They are made from a very strong water resistant material so are great for use indoors and outdoors, great for laying flat and sunbathing on in the garden.

They come filled with bean ready to use and can be used in four different and rather comfy seating positions.

You can use them like the one shown in the picture which is called the canoe position, you can use it as a lounger, a chair or a huge floor cushion, whatever you feel is the most comfortable for you.

The brown bean bag is just really handy to have around the house as extra seating for when you have BBQs or for when unexpected guests come over to stay.

Every teenager would love to have one of these in their bedroom and they have received excellent reviews so I am sure you will not be disappointed if you buy one.

Price: £57.99More pictures and customer reviews

Extra large brown sofa bean bag

Large sofa brown bean bagThis is an extra large brown bean bag that can be used as a sofa because it is so long, it measures a massive 4ft 9″ long.

The brown bean bag is made from stunning top quality brown faux leather with fully over locked stitching for extra strength.

If you are looking for somewhere comfy to sit to go in the kids game room or for in your bedroom then these are a good choice.

They are marketed by the makers as a sofa bed but they are not big enough for that, children could sleep on them though.

Some customers complained that it smelled for a while when they first got it but don’t worry the smell does go.

You could easily seat four adults on it and they are really well made so they do hold their shape unlike some other cheaper versions.

Price: £49.99More pictures and customer reviews

Brown faux leather bean bag with handle

Brown bean bag with handleThis one is huge and measures a whopping 70cm x 95cm, it is a good size for adults and gigantic for kids.

As you sink into it you get surrounded by bean, which holds in your body heat and keeps you nice and snug and warm.

It is made from top quality faux leather and is surprisingly light so is easy to move around the house using its rather handy handle which you can see in the picture.

These are available in seven colours and are great for using as a comfy gaming or TV chair.

Just imagine getting home from a hard day at work and sinking yourself into this bad boy, utter bliss.

They have a high product rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars with customers stating that they are great to have around as extra seating for when the grand kids come round or for when other unexpected guests turn up.

Price: £37.99More pictures and customer reviews

Huge brown faux suede bean bag

Brown bean bag made from faux suedeThis bad boy is made from super soft luxury brown faux suede, you are going to be in heaven when you sit on this one.

This brown bean bag measures a huge 40″ tall and 9.5ft all the way around, big enough for even big adults to sit on.

Do not worry if you have kids because the cover is removable and is machine washable so any drink spills on it can easily be cleaned off.

The brown bean bag has an impressive product rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars so be prepared to buy more than one because everyone in your house is going to want to sit on it including your pets.

Like all other faux leather and faux suede ones this one is no different and does smell a bit when you first get it but do not be alarmed because it does go in time.

Customers state that the brown bean bag is a really good size for adults to sit on and will keep you super cosy and comfy while watching TV or gaming. You can also get faux fur bean bags which are not featured here, these are fluffy bean bags and are dead cosy.

Price: £46.99More pictures and customer reviews