Doomoo Seat NEW for 2015 – Baby Bean Bag Birth-30kg- Bird Lime


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Product Description

The Doomoo Seat is completely unique and good value for money. You can use a Doomoo seat from birth for your baby (using the cover with the harness), as a daytime sleeping area, seat to use while feeding and is so much healthier for baby than leaving them scrunched up in their car seat as the Doomoo seat is a lot more flat, although can be angled to help babies with reflux. The micro bean filling - unlike any other beanbag we've seen - feels so luxurious and with the hardwearing base fabrics and washable top fabrics, we really think they're onto a winner! When you buy the Doomoo seat you get two different top fabrics, one has a harness and one without. Both zip onto the sturdy, wipe clean base easily and can be removed to wash. Once baby is on the move, we recommend changing from the harnessed cover to the plain cover. Again, you can use the Doomoo in a variety of ways for your older baby, toddler or child. The Doomoo Seat is fantastic quality and understandably receives "rave" reviews from parent, retailers and press reports. Plagiocephaly (Flat Head) is becoming more and more common, with doctors recommending that babies should be laid flat for as long as possible when they are young to provide them the optimum position to support their growing back and also the best breathing position for them. Because of the micro beans in the Doomoo Seat, you can prevent your baby from suffering with Plagiocephaly, as your baby is supported by the beans but no pressure is put onto their head. Doomoo Seat is also ideal for babies who are affected by reflux, the angle can be adjusted by moving the beans around inside the seat, and so you can ensure that baby is at exactly the right angle.


  • Genuine Doomoo Seat
  • Suitable from birth-30kg (8 years old approx)
  • Easily washable plain and harness covers included
  • Aids baby's reflux and helps avoid flathead (plagiocephaly)
  • Co-ordinating accesories available; Doomoo Swing, Doomoo Arch, Doomoo Wrap etc


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