Luxury Real Leather Bean Bag – ICON Designer Bean Bags – Panelled XL Bean Bag in Black Leather

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Product Description

This leather bean bag is a thing of beauty! Display it proudly in your living room for guests to see, sit on and enjoy! Or you can keep the bean bag all to yourself for watching your favourite TV, reading your favourite book or playing your favourite games. This leather bean bag will keep you at optimum comfort for as long as you wish to relax for. The supple real leather on this bean bag will give as you sit into it, allowing the beans inside to move freely and take shape into big arm rests and a comfortable back support! Luxury real leather contains individual markings and patterns which are what makes each individual bean bag unique and you can take pride in the beauty of your new piece of furniture. This bean bag is available in black, brown or tan leather and we also have matching leather footstools to complete your leather bean bag set, please see our store front for more information. Quality, unmatched. Only at Bean Bag Bazaar - the home of bean bags. These bean bags are made from natural real leather and therefore may have unique characteristics in the grain. Each chair may show occasional naturally occuring scars, scratches and grazes. This is a normal occurance in quality real leather and is not a product fault.


  • Approx. Dimensions: 84cm x 86cm.
  • This huge bean bag will bring style, luxury and elegance to your living room.
  • Made from natural leather, your bean bag will be totally unique with individual patterns and markings.
  • The unique design creates arm and back rests as you sit into it and the supple leather will allow the beans to move freely inside.
  • If you are looking for the best quality leather bean bag on the market - look no further than Bean Bag Bazaar - the home of bean bags!


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