Faux leather bean bags

Below you will find a selection of our very best faux leather bean bags based on customer reviews. All of these bean bags come highly recommended and are superb quality.

If you want to read some customer reviews on any of these faux leather bean bags just follow the link underneath each listing. If you can’t find one that you like here then greatbeanbags.com sell some stylish faux leather bean bags.

Faux leather gaming bean bags

Gaming faux leather bean bagsThese large faux leather bean bags are just perfect for gaming, if you are a computer game addict then you have to have one of these.

Owning one of these bean bags will get you more serious gaming time, they provide really good back and neck support so no more back aches after 2 hours on Call of Duty.

I can tell you now that they are very stylish too, although they are made from faux leather it looks and feels just like real leather, they do look a lot more expensive than they really are.

Just imagine sat on one of these bags in front of your TV in complete comfort playing your favourite video game or watching your favourite TV show, what an awesome day that would be.

These ones come filled with bean so there is no need to buy some and they are huge too, even big adults will get comfy on these.

Price: £39.99More pictures and customer reviews

Large childrens faux bean bags made from faux leather

Large childrens faux leather bean bagsThese large childrens bean bags are very popular and have received excellent customer reviews.

The bags are filled with a soft comfy bean that is luxury to sit on and are made from top quality faux leather, meaning they are very easy to clean, just wipe them down with a damp cloth and you are done. That is why these ones are just perfect for kids.

You will find that they are superb value for the price and kids love them, it’s great that they have their very own place to sit in the house, makes them feel special.

If your child has trouble sitting still for any length of time they try one of these on them, they will be so comfy they will not want to move and if you shove a book in their hands it will get them reading more too, it’s a win win situation here.

Price: £12.95Read the reviews on these childrens faux leather bean bags

Cube bean bags made from luxury faux leather

Cube faux leather bean bagsLet me tell you, it feels so good to get in from a hard day on your feet to come home and rest them up on one of these cube shaped faux leather bean bags.

These bean bags are made from 100% faux leather that looks and feels just like the real thing, everyone will want to know where you got it from.

The bags come filled with non-flatten bean which guarantees them to hold their shape a lot longer than regular bean bags do, you will not need to buy a bean refill any time soon.

If you choose to buy one of these you will be so much comfier on an evening and your tired feet will thank you for it, they are also handy to have in the living room as extra seating for when unexpected guests turn up.

Customers state that they are very well made and are very robust and very stylish, it is sure to look good in any front room.

Price: £19.95. The faux leather bean bags are currently unavailable.

Giant faux leather bean bags

Giant faux leather bean bagsThese bags are absolutely massive and measure a huge four and a half feet tall, it is the tallest that you can buy.

If you are a big guy or girl then this is the ideal bean bag for you, it provides excellent back support and is certain to be your new favourite place to sit in your house.

They come filled with bean ready to jump on so you are not just buying a cover here, you are getting the full works making it superb value for money.

These faux leather bean bags are the best that you can buy for tall people, it’s big, it’s comfy, it’s priced very reasonably and it’s superb quality, you will love it.

Customers state that these are a lot cheaper bought from here than in the high street stores, no need to go looking for the best price, this is it.

Price: £69.99Read the reviews on these bean bags made from lovely faux leather

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