Faux suede bean bag

Here we have listed our best faux suede bean bag collection based on customer feedback and recommendations. Each faux suede bean bag has received excellent reviews and I am sure you will not be disappointed with any one of these.

To read some customer reviews on any faux suede bean bag just click on the link underneath each listing. If you don’t like any faux suede bean bag listed below then take a look at gresswell.co.uk who sell some good ones too.

Extra large faux suede bean bag

Extra large faux suede bean bagNow this is one stylish faux suede bean bag, it looks and feels just like the real thing, you are going to love this one.

This really is an big adult size bean bag, it is huge measuring a whopping 82cm in diameter and 86 cm in height.

As you would expect, the faux suede is top quality and the bag comes filled with bean ready to use.

This one is made and manufactured by BeanBagBazaar and has received excellent reviews over on their website.

It is superb quality and comes well filled with one customer stating that it is probably the comfiest thing they have ever sat on, this is sure to be your new favourite place to sit.

Price: £36.99More pictures and customer reviews

Faux suede and sheep skin bean bag

Sheep skin and faux suede bean bagThis bean bag is a little bit different, not only is it made from faux suede it has a lovely sheep skin trim too. If you like the sound of a furry bag then take a look at our giant fluffy bean bag collection.

Not only do you get the cover included in the price you also get the bean filling, what a bargain.

The bag measures 65cm square and is 85cm in height, makes a great seat for kids and a lovely footstool for adults.

These are so good that customers that bought one initially have come back and bought a few more, this tells you everything you need to know.

Just remember that it is not massive, small adults and kids can sit comfortably on them and we think that the sheep skin makes them a bit different.

I can assure you now that it will look good in your front room or bedroom and that it will get used everyday, you are sure to consider it money well spent.

Price: £21.99Read the reviews on this faux suede bean bag

Faux suede gaming bean bag

Faux suede bean bag ideal for gamingThis faux suede bean bag is just perfect for gaming on, it provides excellent back and neck support.

The bean bag is massive measuring a huge 1 meter high and 100″ all he way around, even large adults can get comfy on these.

The bag is made from the best quality faux suede which you will be pleased to know is machine washable, great news if you have young children in your household just waiting to put their sticky fingers on it.

I am certain that you will not be disappointed with this one, it has received excellent reviews on amazon and has a 5 out of 5 star product rating.

Customers state that they are very comfortable and are great value for money, the fabric is really strong too so is sure to last a very long time.

Price: £36.99More pictures and customer reviews

Huge faux suede bean bag

Huge faux suede bean bagThis faux suede bean bag is huge measuring a whopping 40inches high and 9.5 foot all the way around, it is massive.

The bag requires 16 cubic feet of bean to fill it to the top which should tell you just how big this one really is.

It is very well made and really strong and robust so will have no problems in a household with kids and pets in, throw it down the stairs, jump on it over and over and it will hold it’s shape and not lose any of its stitching.

As you can see the seat provides really good lower back support and just swallows you up when you sit on it, they are good at keeping you warm too by retaining your body heat.

Just imagine jumping on this after a hard day at work or college, grab your favourite drink and sit back to watch your favourite film or play your favourite video game, what a great way to relax.

Price: £46.99Read the reviews on this huge faux suede gaming bean bag

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